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Restaurant Week-Day 6: Shorty’s Pizza

Shorty’s Pizza is located in a small building along North Druid Hills in the Toco Hills area, but what it lacks in space, Shorty’s Pizza more than makes up for in flavor. Shorty’s has a large menu full of sandwiches, salads, and large entree items, but, as the name suggests, it is most known for its wood-fired, thin-crusted pizza. You can make your own pizza or use one of their own recipes, which come with their own fun, musically inspired names, such as the Weird Al Yankovich or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. The pizzas don’t just come with fun names, however. They also come with unique ingredients and fun flavor combinations. It took as at least ten minutes to properly look through the menu, but we finally decided to get two of Shorty’s own pizzas, The (House) Band, a margherita pizza, and the Declan McManus (aka Elvis Costello), a white pie made with potatoes, roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and balsamic drizzle. We were excited but a bit apprehensive of how the flavors would work on the latter pizza as we rather impatiently waited for our meal. After they arrived, we knew we had made the right decision. The (House) Band was one of the best margherita pizzas we had had, and the Declan McManus’s flavors melded perfectly together. The balsamic drizzle contrasted nicely with the potatoes and goat cheese to make for a perfect pizza. We happily took home our leftovers from the large pizzas, and the pizzas were just as good the next day.

Shorty’s offers good prices for their pizza, especially considering how delicious they were. We decided not to get drinks, but Shorty’s offered a rather large drink menu considering the size of the establishment. Shorty’s was a real treat to visit and is truly a hidden gem in the Druid Hills/Decatur area. We were glad we went and talk frequently of returning.