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Restaurant Week-Day 4: Las Brasas

Continuing with restaurant week, we move our focus to the neighborhood of Decatur and the Peruvian restaurant, Las Brasas. Margaret lived in and visited Peru several times and thoroughly enjoyed the food while there, so when we heard about Las Brasas we were excited to give it a try. We visited Las Brasas prior to their move and new location, but they are still in central Decatur. Previously, the restaurant was a very small building that only allowed you to primarily pick-up your food; however, now Las Brasas has a beautiful new restaurant. Visitors can now not only enjoy their savory food, but also partake in a dining experience.

When we visited, we ordered their traditional chicken and were amazed at the incredible flavor. While in Peru, Margaret said she typically would have a meal encompassing chicken, rice, and potatoes, in some capacity, and chicken was often an essential part of a meal while going out to a restaurant. The chicken in Peru was often full of flavor and absolutely delicious. Las Brasas cooked up an excellent chicken that was more savory with each bite and had us both wanting more, even as we were both quite full from our incredible meal. An added bonus, Las Brasas has Inca Cola. Inca Cola is a Peruvian soda, which is often a bit difficult to find in the United States and quite tasty. With a hearty and tasty bite of chicken and a sip of Inca Cola, it felt a little bit like being back in Peru. Now that Las Brasas has a restaurant, we are excited to return to enjoy a full Peruvian experience.