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Restaurant week is approaching for the city of Atlanta, so we thought we would have our very own restaurant week, highlighting a variety of cuisine that we have had while living in Atlanta ranging from American burgers to a French cafe to a Peruvian restaurant, plus so much more! We love any form of exploring, whether it be hiking a new trail, seeing a new city, or just trying a new restaurant, so as we continue to explore our way through the South, enjoy our discoveries based on your individual tastes. Hopefully our variety of interests allows you to find something you enjoy. For those foodies out there, perhaps this week will be as fun for you as it was for us tasting our way through Atlanta!

Yeah Burger 2

Restaurant Week-Day 1: Yeah! Burger

A fantastic burger joint that is settled in the delightful Virginia Highlands neighborhood is Yeah! Burger. The restaurant is situated right on one of the main corners in Virginia Highlands that boasts plenty of restaurants and shops, allowing you to not only grab a bite to eat, but explore as well. Also, Yeah! Burger has its own parking, which can often be a challenge in the Atlanta area, making it an added bonus of the restaurant. Yeah! Burger appears almost to be a sleek car shop from the outside. There is an expansive covered outdoor seating area that creates the vibe of an old-fashioned pull-up diner or where you may see a car or two being worked on inside the shop, you know, the small, local town auto garages, but much more trendy and modern. Whether it was intended to look this way or was in fact an old garage revamped, it creates a fun setting to grab a good burger and say “yeah! burger.”

The inside reflects the outdoor setting, with a simple, sleek design that has a rustic flair to it with the primary decor being wood tables and walls with metal chairs and accents. Throughout there are also little whimsical characters that show people eating good food and enjoying life. The characters are small cartoons that bring about a fun 1960’s charm, with the bright colors and style, as well as the catchphrases that say “right on.” In between the fun characters and auto shop/diner vibe you almost feel transported back in time to a diner full of fun. The emphasis is simple, with pops of color to create an awesome modern spin on a classic retro setting, your local burger bar.

Yearh Burger 1

As for the food, Yeah! Burger will not disappoint. When we visited we had the Yeah! Burger and the All American burger, fairly classic style burgers, but they were hearty, tasty, and fantastic. Although they are a bit on the pricey side, we found the quality definitely worth the price. The burgers are double stacked and do not skimp on size. We were shocked at the portions that we felt were heartier than your typical gourmet burger restaurant. Often we have found that the more artisan style burger joints are often delicious, but a smaller portion size, with the emphasis on quality, not quantity. Yeah! Burger brings both quantity and quality to the table, upping the burger joint game to make a fantastic meal filling, affordable, and one of the best burgers we have had yet.

A burger feels almost incomplete though without a perfect side of fries. Yeah! Burger again does not disappoint with their excellent fries, that are again a decent portion. To top it off, Yeah! Burger boasts some awesome organic sugar sodas that are crisp and refreshing in a variety of flavors. Besides soda, Yeah! Burger offers a large range of beverages, including wine, cocktails, and a rather impressive beer selection. Finally, visitors can finish off their meal with various ice creams treats, including shakes, sundaes, cups of ice cream, or a float. Every item on their meal has an emphasis of being as healthy as possible, using ingredients that are organic, local, cage-free, hormone free, gluten free, and non-GMO. To learn more about their focus on a quality meal, you can visit their website at: http://www.yeahburger.com/food, which helps to lay out all the ways they are bringing you a better tasting and healthier meal.

Yeah Burger 3

We have nothing but positive reviews of Yeah! Burger. Please note that since everything is artfully crafted, the food takes a little longer to cook. Even though they offer take out, be prepared to wait for a bit. They also offer delivery and catering, so no matter what you are doing with friends, you can have a delicious meal to accompany your event. Yeah! Burger is one of our favorite Atlanta restaurants and burger joints to date, so if you are into burgers, Yeah! Burger will not disappoint. The fun vibe and delicious food makes for a perfect experience.

Please note: There is also a location in Midtown; however, we have not visited that location and are unsure what vibe that Yeah! Burger has, but based on the trendy Virginia Highlands setting, neither one will disappoint!