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Day 3: CNN Studio Tour

A very unique Atlanta attraction that you will not find anywhere else is the CNN Studio Tour, which makes it the perfect summer activity to play tourist in your own town or for those visiting the city. The CNN Studio Tour allows you to go behind the scenes of the news station CNN and learn more about the process of collecting information and turning it into a news story. This was perhaps one of the first times we paid full price for an Atlanta attraction, but we both thought it was worth it. For those visiting, the city offers a city pass to visit quite a few tourist attractions for a discounted price, making this ideal for tourists, but perhaps not those who live in Atlanta. The CNN center is located downtown and is near other major city attractions, so it is again good for those who are visiting to see several places in one day. Overall, the tour takes about 50 minutes and provides you with a unique opportunity to see news station sets and learn more about the process of creating the news you see everyday. The CNN Studio Tour was informative, fun, and a great summer activity to get out and explore Atlanta.