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Along our journey to and from St. Louis to Atlanta, we recently stopped off at the Purple Toad Winery. As always, we try to find places along the highway that are not too far off, but break up the drive a bit. Wineries and parks continue to be a great way for us to explore even during road trips. Purple Toad Winery is located in Paducah, KY and was only a few miles off the highway making it an ideal stopping point. The decor of Purple Toad is rustic, and there is both a tasting section and a more formal sit down area of the restaurant that provides visitors the opportunity to sit and eat, while sipping on some wine. The winery offers a massive variety of wines, and the focus of the wines themselves is on berries.

Purple Toad 1

A berry wine is slightly different than your standard grape wine, and often tastes almost of adult grape juice. Berry wines are quickly becoming some of our favorite types of wines! The berry wines are almost like a liquid jam, but more refreshing than a standard red wine, making it more like a white wine, while in other ways berry wines are sometimes a little thicker tasting than a standard red wine though due to the berry composition. Purple Toad offers wine tasting with an unlimited number of tastes, allowing you quite a bit of flexibility to pick and choose what wines you like. The tasting also allows you to learn more about berry wines and what your preferences are in regards to berry specific wine. Purple Toad’s wines were so delicious we found it hard to choose what we liked best. All of the wines we tried were absolutely fantastic. Whenever we visit a winery we try to pick our favorite and buy a bottle. Since Purple Toad was tasty, we settled on two wines, but they were just as good as some others. We got Lauren’s Blackberry and the Black Currant, which we definitely recommend. Both of us enjoyed our time at Purple Toad so much we have discussed returning again just to pick up a few more bottles. If you are looking for a stopping point, a new winery, or just an afternoon activity, the Purple Toad Winery will provide you with a berry lovely time!