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Ice Cream Fest 2A very popular Atlanta attraction is festivals. Every weekend during Spring, Summer, and Fall there are numerous festivals, so many that it is almost overwhelming! Popular Atlanta festivals seem to focus on several key elements: barbecue, beer, and art. Each season, neighborhoods will have essentially the same festival, so if you miss a festival in spring, it will be available in summer or fall, and if not in that neighborhood, try the one right next to it. Generally, the festivals are a similar atmosphere so you may begin to recognize vendors, which is great if you end up deciding after you leave that you really did want that handmade craft.

The Atlanta Art Festival is not strikingly different than the Inman Park Festival or the Chastain Art Festival; however, instead of a neighborhood’s street, the Atlanta Art Festival is located in Piedmont Park. For those who are not aware, Piedmont Park is a central part of Atlanta city life. It is similar to Central Park in New York City or Forest Park in St. Louis. Piedmont Park is home to festivals, community activities, a restaurant, a skating rink in wintertime, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and a general hangout for locals. Thus Piedmont Park is fitting for the Atlanta Art Festival. The Atlanta Art Festival is in the fall, so hopefully the weather will be a little more bearable as it can get quite toasty here during other Atlanta festivals. As always, be prepared for crowds due to the popularity of the festival and the park! The Atlanta Art Festival provides visitors with food, music, and a plethora of art vendors for visitors to stroll among and perhaps find a craft for your home. We strolled around the Atlanta Art Festival and admired the artisans’ crafts and then enjoyed relaxing while a local musician serenaded the crowd with some jams. So if you are looking for a classic Atlanta weekend activity, head to the Atlanta Art Festival.