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In Druid Hills, a little eatery that is quite tasty and allows you to experience food outside the standard American fare is Thai Chili. Thai Chili is a family owned business that has been a staple in Atlanta for the past 20 years and emphasizes primarily Thai food, but also has other Asian options for visitors to explore new food. The restaurant is located off of Briarcliff, in a strip with various other little restaurants and shops.We actually visited during Lent, and fortunately Thai Chili is also known for the plethora of vegetarian options they provide. Meat and veggie lovers alike will be provided with an array of dishes that fit their preferences and are quite tasty. Since we weren’t able to have meat while we were there, we took it as an opportunity to try something new, tofu. Our food was flavorful, and the tofu added a unique flavor, but one that we rather enjoyed.

In addition to having tofu, the menu also strongly caters to a seafood emphasis, so, seafood lovers, do not miss out on Thai Chili. Like most Asian restaurants we have tried in Atlanta, be prepared for the menu to be quite extensive. The large variety of tasty options can be rather overwhelming, as it took us several minutes just to take in all our options. As you cipher through the menu to determine what you would like to indulge in, make sure to pay attention to the spice level to ensure your food is not too overwhelming for your palette, or perhaps, for some, the spicier the better-Thai Chilli will not disappoint. One of the best parts is that once the meal is over, it probably won’t be fully over as the portions are so large there is a high chance you will get to bring food home with you and enjoy your meal yet again. If you are in the neighborhood and in the mood for some Asian cuisine, we recommend trying Thai Chili.