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Chattahoochee Bend State Park is one of the largest state parks in Georgia and much of the park has been left in its natural state. Driving to the park requires taking many small highways and other roads, so the park’s remote location ensures that it is well-preserved.

Chattahoochee Bend 4

We made our way to the park’s visitor center, which is a newly built lodge that looks right at home among the trees and hills. Afterward, we made our way to the trailhead where we wanted to hike. We began with a 1 mile trail through a forest with plenty of granite outcroppings. We were able to spot some wildflowers along the trail, but our most interesting find occurred as we rounded the corner of a granite outcropping and saw two giant vultures sitting on a lone tree 25 yards away.

Chattahoochee Bend 3

We made our way back to the trailhead where we began our second trail, a hike of several miles that made its way to the Chattahoochee River. We began by descending through a dense forest, eventually walking along a creek. We were constantly coming across butterflies, wildflowers, and new views of the little creek.

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We took a long time to hike the first part of the hike since we were engrossed in our surroundings, but we left the creek and began walking through a level forest. Along the way, we had to cross a mud pit that we later realized was full of ticks, putting a damper on our hike, but we were excited to reach the river and climbed a tower to take a rest and eat a snack.

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We returned from our hike and tallied the distance we had gone-9 miles, which we were proud of since it was the longest we had hiked together. The end of our hike wasn’t quite as scenic, and the ticks and a couple snake sightings gave us the creeps, but we enjoyed our time at Chattahoochee Bend. Our hike, especially the first half, was full of beautiful plant life, scenery, and butterflies, and the wildness and natural beauty of Chattahoochee Bend made it one of our favorite Georgia State Parks.

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