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The weather is getting nice, and a perfect activity is visiting one of the numerous state parks or national parks that the United States has to offer. This week we will be highlighting various Georgia State Parks and the diversity of the parks. State parks offer visitors an endless opportunity to explore natural wonders and historic sites. Each park we will look at will be slightly different to demonstrate the variety in state parks.

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Today we will be visiting a very popular Georgia State Park-Amicalola Falls State Park. Amicalola Falls is an hour and a half north of Atlanta, making it ideal for a lovely day hike or a weekend getaway. Due to Amicalola Falls’ popularity be prepared for crowds. The best time to visit is early in the morning before the park is overly crowded. We both were shocked at just how popular Amicalola Falls was and we both commented it was similar to visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The visitor center is equally as nice as a National Park, and there you can get your stamp for  those who participate in the Canyon Climber’s Club. Amicalola Falls is a part of Georgia’s Canyon Climber’s Club, which involves four canyons throughout Georgia, and once you complete each of the four hikes you will receive a t-shirt! Another unique feature of Amicalola Falls is that it is a starting point for the Appalachian Trail. For those who love the National Parks or want to hike the AT, Amicalola Falls is definitely not a state park to miss.

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The busiest area of the park is most obviously the trail from the bottom of the falls to the top. Visitors will take a small hike near the bottom of the falls and then begin a steep ascent straight up a stairwell that leads to the top. From the bottom of the falls to the top, as well as along the way, there are great opportunities for beautiful photos and to see the falls from varying angles. There is also the opportunity, if you are unable to climb the stairs, to park at the top and still overlook the falls and incredible views. Besides the popular falls trail, there are also miles of trails throughout the park allowing visitors to extend their explorations past the falls to experience more natural wonders. Since Amicalola is situated in the Georgia mountains, be prepared for exquisite views.

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Amicalola Falls is also known for the experience it provides, offering a weekend getaway via a camping trip or a lodge resort encounter. The park has a variety of lodging opportunities depending on your interests including the lodge, cabins, camping, and a hike inn that visitors can reach at the end of a 5 mile trail. For those who want to spend the weekend unwinding, Amicalola lodge offers visitors the opportunity to relax in a natural setting. Amicalola Falls lodge is a lovely lodge experience with the opportunity to grab delicious meals at the Maple Restaurant and view the incredible Georgia mountain landscape. The state park also provides the opportunity to zip line through the forests, making it a great family weekend. Whether you want to spend the weekend relaxing while you dine and take in the beauty of the natural world, or you prefer to get up close and hike on one of the various trails at Amicalola, make sure you stop by Amicalola Falls!

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