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This year will mark the 6th annual Ice Cream Festival in Piedmont Park at Atlanta, GA. The festival is near the end of June and is a great way to get out of the house and try something new. At the festival are various ice cream vendors, with different types of ice cream to match whatever your ice cream delights may be. There is also live music for you to enjoy, whether you simply sit there and lick your ice cream or you get up and dance off those ice cream calories. Since it is Piedmont Park and Atlanta, be prepared for droves of people and walking quite a distance. Due to all the people the lines for each ice cream is quite long, and we opted out of even getting ice cream. We actually spent more time looking for a parking spot, parking, and walking to the park then we did at the actual festival. There is also a plethora of family activities for you to bring your little ones to, making the Ice Cream Festival a brief activity or an all day event depending on your preference. An interesting aspect of the festival is that, besides ice cream, the emphasis is on healthy living, and there are plenty of booths and activities to promote a healthy lifestyle (while you eat your ice cream, of course). If you want a tasty treat on a hot summer day with some entertainment and an opportunity to hang out with friends or family in a natural setting, you might want to stop by the Atlanta Ice Cream Festival this summer!

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