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We apologize for a delay in posting; we have recently moved and that, coupled with a wedding we recently attended, has occupied most of our time for the last few weeks. Since our brief hiatus, we have settled into our new home and are all set to begin writing again. We’ll be starting with a Florida State Park before kicking off our week of Georgia State Park blogs starting Monday.

On our journey to Tampa, Florida and our visit to Cigar City Brewing, we stopped at O’Leno State Park. We have found Florida State Parks to be hidden gems, full of potential to explore, from unique forests and grasslands, wetlands, beautiful beaches, and quaint springs. O’Leno’s main attraction is its wilderness of heavily forested areas, broken up only by the trail and the meandering creeks and rivers that cut through the forest floor. The forest featured many of the trees and plant-life found in tropical climates, such as oak and pine trees, along with Florida’s famed Sabal Palm. There were more people on the trail than we expected, but we were still able to spend most of our hike in peace and lose ourselves amidst such a wild and unusual place. The highlight of the trail may have been the bridge crossing the small river, from which we were able to look for turtles and other critters.

Much like other Florida State Parks, O’Leno was worth the time we spent exploring and was a lovely place to camp for the night. Although there are plenty of places in Florida to experience its wild beauty, O’Leno is a great spot to get a taste of it. If you find yourself near O’Leno, you should stop by and soak in its jungle-like atmosphere.

O'Leno State Park