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Another burger chain in Atlanta (as well as other parts of the country), is BurgerFi.We both really enjoy a solidly delicious burger. Previously, there were two types of burgers you could regularly get-fast food burgers or restaurant quality burgers; however, new types of burgers have emerged including the gourmet burger and the gourmet style, fast food burger. Places like Flip Burger are the more artisan style burger place and are quite tasty, but also usually fairly expensive so the immersion of the gourmet style, fast food burger is a pleasant reprieve. The gourmet style fast food burger restaurant is more expensive than a typical fast food restaurant, but the quality is much higher. BurgerFi reflects this emerging trend, providing customers with a tasty, more quality burger in a more informal setting  and slightly less cost.

BurgerFi has locations across the United States, but is predominately located in the South and East coast. They are known for their burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and custards. Each time we have visited, we were not surprised by just the healthier style, delicious burgers, but the massive serving of tasty fries we received. We visited the BurgerFi located in Emory Point and of course enjoyed not only the food, but the environment, as Emory Point is one of our favorite spots in Atlanta (and another one of our favorite restaurants, Tin Lizzy’s). So if you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a relaxing meal, followed by a stroll along Emory Point and a little shopping, we definitely recommend BurgerFi in Emory Point.