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North Georgia holds one of the most dramatic landscapes in the state as the Appalachian Mountains (also known in GA-TN-NC as the Blue Ridge Mountains) rise from the foothills of north-central Georgia. The terrain created by the beginning of the Appalachians is one of the best places to grow grapes east of the Mississippi, so north Georgia is known for its vineyards and wineries. North Georgia is one of only a few locations outside the west coast where red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon are able to grow, making north Georgia nationally known for its wines and creating a mecca of sorts for east coast wine enthusiasts. There are dozens of wineries in north Georgia; we will feature the several that we have been to, but feel free to do some research if you’re looking for destinations to add to a Georgia wine tour.

Habersham’s main tasting room is located in Helen, Georgia, just down the road from downtown Helen’s Bavarian style village (there are two other tasting room locations as well). The building is a large, white structure with a bright red roof, so it’s hard to miss as you drive south from Helen. When we were there, Habersham’s selection was predominantly white wines and sweet reds, so we sampled a variety of each. Our favorite was surprisingly a white wine, the Traminette, which was bright, mostly sweet, and had hints of honeysuckle.

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To those who visit Georgia wineries, we recommend going during the week day, if you can manage, or during the morning and early afternoon on weekends. Since the north Georgia wineries are well-known and boast terrific scenery, they can be busy on weekend afternoons, so much so that you might be waiting several minutes between each tasting. Also, if you are a couple, feel free to ask for only one tasting to share. It saves money and allows you to try more wineries during your trip!