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Every spring and fall, Chastain Park, near downtown Buckhead, Atlanta, offers an art festival. The emphasis of the festival is on art, so unlike other festivals in Atlanta, the vendors are primarily artists displaying their work. Other Atlanta festivals have a combination of vendors; however, the Chastain Park Festival has a rather large variation in artists; as well, there are other booths outside the art specter for all visitors to enjoy.

One of the best parts is that the festival is free, making it an exciting activity in a city filled with costs, and there is also free street parking available, which is often a rare elusive gem in the city of Atlanta. Since it is free and it is a festival in Atlanta, expect there to be hordes of crowds. We were quite lucky because the day we ventured to the festival it happened to be a rather chilly day so there was less crowds than usual making it a much more relaxed, while also cold, adventure.

We spent a couple hours just moseying up and down the aisles of vendors and looking at the wide variations of unique art. There is also a stage set up for visitors to enjoy a different form of art, musical art. Around the stage area is a variety of options of snacks and food making it a lovely outing as you relax at a bench, fill up on yummy carnival-esque treats, and listen to some music. The Chastain Park Art Festival provides you with a variety of opportunities depending on what you are looking for, whether you want to simply be outside in nature and get out of the house, experience a wide variety of art, purchase some new art for your home, listen to some music, grab a bite to eat, or simply explore a new park and activity, the Chastain Park Art Festival is a fun event for all. The event is coming up this year the weekend of May 7th so don’t miss out!