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Three Taverns is one of several breweries in Decatur and is still young; it will be celebrating its three year anniversary later this year. Three Taverns brews Belgian-inspired beer, so their line-up includes singles, dubbels, tripels, and saisons. However, they also brew a pilsner, a few IPAs, and stouts.

Three Taverns’ taproom is in an old brick building that has been renovated so that it looks like an Old World tavern. The room is dimly lit with exposed brick and unfinished wood filling the interior. Metal fixtures and old barrels add to the ambiance. The atmosphere of the tap room along with the Belgian beer make visitors feel as if they have been transported to 18th century Europe. Three Taverns also has outdoor seating on picnic tables, a nice place to sit in good weather.

Three Taverns’ main offerings include a single, dubbel, pilsner, and several IPAs. Each of their beers is a good example of the style and drinkable, making for a fun afternoon trying the several different beers. We recommend their Prince of Pilsen, which, although not Belgian-inspired, is a delightful beer. Three Taverns also offer several seasonal and one-off beers. The former include Theophan the Recluse, an excellent Russian Imperial Stout, Quasimodo, a Belgian quadrupel, and Feest Noel, another quad brewed especially for Christmas. The latter include the growing sour program Three Taverns is cultivating. Their Sour Asylum series develops one-off sours that are featured for a limited time.

Three Taverns provides a great ambiance for tasting beer, and their beers are a treat for the taste buds. As opposed to many of the breweries in Georgia, they also feature several beers at their tasting room instead of the four or five at other breweries. We enjoyed our time at Three Taverns and still enjoy having Three Taverns’ beers throughout the year.