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A rather unusual, but amusing Georgia attraction, is the  Cabbage Patch Kids Babyland. Babyland is located in northern Georgia, in the town of Cleveland, GA, which is near Helen, GA, making it a stopping point for those with little ones.


The attraction is dedicated to the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and includes a massive display of dolls, a hospital, gift shop, adoption center, and a multitude of photo opportunities. Babyland, also known as the Babyland General Hospital, is free to visitors, allowing you to mull about as you please; however, if you have children with you the trip may no longer be free as you might be required to adopt your new cabbage patch kid.


Upon arriving you find a grand mansion, nestled on a slight hill, with mountains and beautiful forests situated in the background, creating a rather picturesque setting. Once you park you will see little cabbage patch statues surrounding the mansion.


Upon entering you will be greeted by little children, pictures of famous people who visited, and hundreds of cabbage patch kids. You will be directed through a display area that houses a wide range of the cabbage patch dolls. After, you will make your way to the gift shop, which is the largest part of the attraction by far. The gift shop is full of little cabbage patch kids for you to adopt. There is also Mother Cabbage and the Magic Crystal Tree which will have little cabbage patch babies coming up into the world. You are even able to select one of the dolls right from the tree! After, you can go into a room and adopt your very own, hand-picked cabbage patch doll.


While we were there I picked up an extra special, grown-up sized doll, and put him into a box to take home with me and keep forever. Perhaps you too can find a cabbage patch kid, or simply place your loved ones inside the display box and brag about your new cabbage patch kid, too!