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For those who live in Atlanta or even have visited, within the perimeter, the city is chaotic. Of course there are small communities within the city, such as Virginia Highlands that are more communal, but even then the craziness is overwhelming throughout the city. There are quite a few bad drivers, lines to any attraction, a long commute to get anywhere, hordes of crowds, terrible traffic, a constant sense of busyness, the never ending loud murmur that accompanies a city, and just so many people-too many people. It feels like an impossible task to get out on your own within the city limits to just relax and breathe fresh air. The majority of the time the only way to get some peace and tranquility is to go outside the perimeter to the suburbs or stay within your home, which even then you are probably next to your neighbors. We are both huge advocates of living within the city and being part of a community; however, we struggle to find that in Atlanta and we both love nature. In St. Louis we were use to a park within a mile in every direction; but that is harder to come by so where do you go and what do you do?


We have tried visiting parks in Atlanta, but since there are fewer parks there are so many people. Centennial Park, Piedmont Park, Inman Park, Chastain Park, and more, we have visited them but the same problems emerge: 1) there is no where to park your car 2) there are just too many people 3) the parks that aren’t as busy are too small and it would be impossible to play a pick up soccer game 4) a small grassy patch often consists of a park 5) you have to drive to get to a park! The list could go probably go on, but at the end we are still left without a place to just lay in the grass and breathe fresh air.


One park you still have to drive to, but provides you with that escape from the hustle and bustle is Lullwater Park.  Lullwater is one of our favorite places within the perimeter and probably the best place we have discovered thus far for a calm, natural get away in the city. The park is located next to Emory and is actually where the Emory president resides. Lullwater is a rather expansive park full of a diverse landscape to explore, including fields, a lake, a waterfall, hills, nature trails, critters, and sense of true peace and quiet. While at Lullwater, we may run into a few people, but overall, we truly get the sense we are away from it all. We both thoroughly enjoyed walking along the trail, getting a little exercise, breathing in fresh air, and just being in nature. A friend who is an avid bird watcher has also advised us that there are excellent places to bird watch, and he even spotted some rare birds (which is for you to go and discover yourself). Whether you want to stroll or get some extreme exercise, lay on a blanket or play a pick up game of soccer, look for critters or have a picnic, explore a new place or simply relax and be in a natural setting, Lullwater is a delight.