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Since Valentine’s Day is approaching this weekend, we thought we would spend this week highlighting various Atlanta restaurants as possible dates. Each day will be a different type of cuisine to create a variety of options for whatever your palette is!

Today’s focus: Himalayan food-a mixture of Indian and Nepalese food.

We have not had a lot of experience with Indian food. Micah had Indian food once in England, and Margaret had Indian food one time in Slovakia and one time in England. As for Nepalese food? Neither of us have tried any form of Nepalese food, so this was definitely an adventurous food outing.

Himalayan Spice is located on Clairmont right off interstate 85, making it fairly centrally located. There is a large variety of food available, making it difficult to choose which yummy option to go with. We tried to get a little bit of both Indian and Nepalese food. The evening started out with Naan, and since we decided to have fun with experimenting, we got a delicious mango drink that we highly recommend-it was kind of like a smoothie but a thousand times better because the mango flavor was so pronounced. We then moved on to several different appetizers and entrees to sample a variety of food. Everything was delicious and so different than anything we had tried before. Much of the food featured grains such as rice with different vegetables and meats in spicy sauces. All of the food was savory and sumptuous. It was really fun just trying new things! Since we knew Indian food was known for being extremely spicy, we made sure we got everything only partly spicy, but even that was an intense sensation of flavors-so be warned. The flavors were unlike anything we have eaten before, but it was delicious and we enjoyed experimenting. We finished with the Gulab Jamun, which was an extremely sweet dough. Micah absolutely loved it, and Margaret would pass if offered again. So try it yourself, and make your own decision! Since we don’t have a lot of previous experience with Himalayan food, we are not sure how it compares, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. We both agreed Himalayan Spice was a treat for our taste buds and a wonderful experience.

Side Note: There are lots of vegetarian options!