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A popular place for Atlantans to visit is the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. The market is massive and provides visitors with a vast array of food options. We try to venture to the market every other month or so to grab a couple of favorites we have discovered, as well as grab a few new items. When we find new items that look appealing we use it as an excuse to branch out and find new recipes. We simply select a new herb, fruit, or vegetable, etc., and then we look for recipes that incorporate the item so we can try something new, which has worked out quite well and led to some of our favorite recipes, coffee, and wine. The Dekalb Farmer’s market is huge and has something for everyone: fruit, vegetables, coffee, nuts, olives, bread, pastries, flowers, meat, fish, wine, and so much more! Dekalb Farmer’s Market emphasizes diverse foods from around the world, allowing people to purchase ingredients that they might not be able to come by typically in the United States. There is pre-made food as well for visitors to come, sit, have a bite to eat, and then shop (because shopping on an empty stomach is never a good idea, and definitely not in a market this large). Be warned though that because the market has so much to offer, it is extremely popular and crowded. The two of us have agreed we could not do our regular shopping there because it would be much too overwhelming to try to find everything and push through the crowds. Dekalb Farmer’s Market is great though for an extensive array of goods that you can not find elsewhere and creates the opportunity to be creative with your food.  We really enjoy the experience and creative outlet that emerges by shopping at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, as we are constantly grabbing new items, along with some items we discovered in the past and love!