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One of our favorite discoveries along the drive from Atlanta to St. Louis is the Cache River Basin Vineyard and Winery. The winery is a bit off the beaten path and is around 15 minutes from the highway, but it is a lovely scenic drive. Since the winery is set back in the countryside we saw critters everywhere along the drive, including a bob cat and a plethora of turtles.  The winery is situated next to a large pond that from an aerial view is actually in the shape of a wine bottle. The winery consists of the winery itself and a restaurant next door. We were the only visitors at the time and so it was just us and the owner. The owner was a delightful man, that was extremely engaging and was part of the reason our experience was so lovely. He asked quite a bit about us and then shared some fascinating stories. The owner was so charismatic we broke our one bottle rule for wine tastings and bought two! The wine itself was delicious making the decision easy to go ahead with two bottles. Although we liked all the wine we bought the Chambourcin Table Wine and the Lewis and Clark Commemorative Expedition Red Table Wine. Both of the wines we purchased and the others we sampled were strong red wines that were not overwhelming in too many flavors, but flavorful nonetheless, solid wines that were neither extremely bold or mild. Cache River Basin Winery was one of our favorite wineries thus far and we would definitely return again. If you need a stopping point, good wine, or enjoy a more natural relaxed setting-Cache River Basin Winery and Vineyard might be the ideal visit!