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Each year we create our own advent wreath, and every night we light the candles and partake in an evening vespers or prayer service. For those who want an advent wreath simply for decoration, this works as well!

Advent Wreath 1

Items Needed:

Cardboard (We used cardboard from a recent Christmas present we received in the mail-reduce, reuse, recycle)


Coffee Filters (half a packet)

Green Food Coloring

Hot Glue Gun

Candles (We just got ours from Ikea!)

First and foremost you will need to dye your coffee filters green. We simply placed some green food coloring into a bowl and added water to dilute it. There is not an exact measurement as it depends on how dark you would like your wreath to be. We actually had variance in our green to ensure that the wreath had a blend of green, instead of one color for the whole wreath. It took several days to dry so do not attempt to do this activity all in one sitting. After several days we cut a piece of cardboard into a circle. As ridiculous as it sounds, we cut out our circle for the wreath by using a trash can for a circular shape. The base of the trash can was the inner part of the wreath and the top was the outer part of the wreath since it was wider on top than on bottom. Afterwards we placed the candles on the cardboard wreath and drew a circle where they would fit to ensure we didn’t place coffee filters there so that the candles would sit on a flat surface. Next we removed the candles and hot glued on the green coffee filters. We would bunch the coffee filter at the bottom, add hot glue, and then stick the coffee filter to the wreath. After, we added our four candles back inside their nooks and placed the Christ candle in the center for a complete advent wreath. This was a simple craft that didn’t just decorate the house, but it added to our Christmas cheer as we prepared for Christmas with our advent celebration each evening.

Advent Wreath 2