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A delightful treat we recently tasted was a cupcake from Sprinkles. The store is located inside the Lenox Mall, which, for those who are not from Atlanta, is in the neighborhood of Buckhead. Buckhead is one of three downtown-esque areas in Atlanta and is full of high end stores and restaurants, including Lenox Mall. Sprinkles is a delicious cupcakery, but the best part is definitely the cupcake ATM! We had to try the cupcake ATM, and it was as exciting as we imagined. We used the screen on the outside to select the cupcake we wanted, paid, and excitedly awaited only a few moments until a door opened with our yummy treats inside. The cupcakes themselves were not the best cupcakes we have ever had, but they were quite tasty, and we would definitely get them again. Sprinkles was a fun cupcakery that we would visit again.