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A simple and fun snack that you can make from your pumpkin, whether it was carved into a jack o’ lantern, decorating your home, or becoming a tasty treat, is pumpkin seeds! We were carving our pumpkin a few weeks ago prior to Halloween and decided we wanted to try using the seeds for a snack. It wasn’t long until we had a yummy little snack that tastes similar to sunflower seeds.

Items Needed:

-Pumpkin Seeds

-Olive Oil

-Salt & pepper

-Additional spices

First we cleaned the seeds off since they were covered in pumpkin guts and placed them into a bowl. Next we added olive oil, salt, & pepper. You can add other seasonings you like in order to have fun with the flavor. We stirred the ingredients together, coating the seeds in olive oil and seasoning. Then we laid the seeds out on a tray and baked them at 350 degrees for around 20 minutes. The pumpkin seeds can burn, so keep an eye on them, because it may vary depending on your oven, as well as the variance in seed size. Our first batch came out delightfully delicious.

Pumpkin seeds