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Red Hare Brewing is a more recent addition to the growing number of breweries in the Atlanta area and the first brewery in the northern suburb of Marietta. The brewery is located right off I-75, so it is in an ideal location for those driving through Atlanta. The brewery is currently on the small side, but the tasting room is rather large, allowing for a less crowded atmosphere than some other breweries. The tasting room is simply decorated and industrial with several barrels serving as tables and a large bar area. Red Hare offers a large selection of year-round, seasonal, and special release beers, most of which are brewed to style, although they have begun to experiment with additional ingredients and barrel aging. We enjoyed Red Hare’s standard beers the most as they offered crisp and refreshing examples of their individual styles.

For those going to the Marietta/Kennesaw region, Red Hare offers a fun afternoon activity for all those who choose to visit the tasting room. For those not wanting to drive all the way to the northern suburbs, Red Hare’s beers are readily available in cans throughout the Atlanta metro area.

Red Hare