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We are not the over-the-top decorating type, however, we do enjoy a few simple decorations to fit the season. Utilizing our glittery leaves and basic pumpkins, plus a little Indian corn, we created a warm festive look without spending a whole day gluing and crafting.

The Nook: We have a small nook next to our bookshelf that often feels a bit empty, but is too small to place anything of consequential size. The nook lies in between the living room and kitchen area, so we wanted to help bring the rooms together, while providing fall festivities for each room. We simply placed a display of three pumpkins different sizes and shapes into the nook to create a continual theme throughout the living space, and we think it added a great touch. A friend recently came over and even commented that our home felt festive, classy, and cozy-like a professor’s house-which we both decided was quite the compliment.

The bar: The bar is the weird space we rarely eat at, but since it divides the rooms it is higher, making it easily noticeable (thus a great place for decorations). By adding our previously made glitter leaves and a few small pumpkins, the space that your eyes are naturally drawn to is now decorated in a casual, but elegant way. The leaves are placed sparsely around the pumpkins, appearing almost as if a tree dropped them around the pumpkins, creating a natural vibe, while the pumpkins run along the bar to demonstrate a clear theme of the natural and simple being the most beautiful.

Fall 1

The centerpiece: The centerpiece is perhaps my favorite part as it is so simple, but has various layers and complexity. Placing the glitter leaves on the table to create a focal point, we then put the Indian corn diagonally across one another. The corn helped to break up the glitter leaves and add some depth and complexity. Finally, we placed a small little white pumpkin with a bit of color on top to provide a multi-layered, simple, and elegant piece that incorporates classic fall items. As well, the diagonal placement of the Indian corn allowed for the centerpiece to look more full, as you see not just the corn, but the husks too. The colors all compliment one another to create a very colorful fall centerpiece.

Fall 2

Additionally: We have an additional pumpkin placed in front of the French doors and and an acorn squash on our buffet placed on the glittery leaves to have simple, but classic fall touches throughout the living spaces. Add a candle or two, and you have an easy and beautifully decorated fall space.