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As a fun, midweek blog post to our weeklong fall line-up, we wanted to suggest some of our favorite ways to celebrate and immerse yourself in the wonderful season that is autumn.

  1. Go on a hike: with the weather change comes the crisp air that’s cool enough for a jacket, but warm enough to enjoy being outside. Grab your backpack and water bottle and hit the trail, preferably with lots of deciduous trees in order to enjoy the rich panoply of colors. If hiking isn’t your thing, drive through the country side with the windows rolled down to experience the changing leaves.
  2. Pumpkin picking: skip the store and go to a local farm to pick some pumpkins, either to carve or to decorate your home. Many farms also have hay rides, games, and a variety of other fall decorations and snacks.
  3. Apple picking: while not as common as pumpkin picking, some farms have their own orchards at which you can pick apples, berries, and other fruit. Eat them plain, or whip out the recipe book for several ways to utilize your fruit.
  4. Apple cider: one tasty way to use apples is a delicious hot cider that will warm you up after a long day out in the chilly fall weather.
  5. Outdoor movie: whether you go to an outdoor movie theater, cozy up on some patio furniture, or lay on a blanket on the lawn, watching a movie outside can be a fun twist on a classic movie night.
  6. Raking leaves: this fall activity might be a stereotype, but it’s still fun and more environmentally friendly than using a leaf blower. Get the whole family involved and, of course, jump in the leaves when you’re finished! Pair this activity with some others, like cider and fall treats, for a memorable Saturday.
  7. Decorate: fall decorations might not quite be as prevalent as Christmas decorations, but they can add a festive mood to your home. We recommend a few simple decorations, such as pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, etc. Candles are also a great way to decorate and can add a fall scent to pique your sense of smell in addition to your sense of sight.
  8. Bonfires: bonfires are the perfect centerpiece for a larger gathering of friends and family and can be a great way to relax on those chilly fall evenings. Pair with good food and drinks, along with cornhole or the tossing of a football.
  9. Cooking and baking: fall has long been a time for cooking and baking, but the proliferation of fall flavors has added even more recipes to the fall line-up of treats. For dinners, make soups and stews (we recommend butternut squash soup and crock pot stew). For dessert, cobblers and pumpkin bread.
  10. Fall festivals: this will vary according to where you live, but check local towns and cities for fall-themed festivals. Given our German and Austrian heritage, we most look forward to Oktoberfest.

Hope you enjoy fall as much as we do!