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In an attempt to diversify our menu, we have been trying to have new recipes a couple times a week; however, we want to ensure we also purchase enough food for the whole week. Recently we began to write out a menu for the week as a guide for our meals. We don’t always follow the weekly menu, but it gives us options for the week, and we can incorporate our new recipes. Each week we would write out the menu, and then post it up on the fridge. Since the weekly menu was becoming a staple, and it also helped us not to buy as much random food at the grocery store, we thought perhaps we should spruce up our little paper menu and create something a bit more elegant. Thus we created a weekly menu to help ease our daily question of, “What’s cooking?”

Blog Post-Menu 1

Items Needed:

Photo Frame (plastic not glass)

Paper for the background (Any pattern or color of your choosing)

Magnetic strips

X-acto knife/scissors


This is a fairly simple project that can make weekly meals a bit simpler. First, make sure you start with a plastic frame to ensure that you are able to write on the board and so that, if it falls off the fridge or is in a location that is easily bumped, it doesn’t shatter into a bunch of little pieces. Plastic is also lighter, making it easier to stick on the fridge. Next, take whatever background paper you selected and cut it to fit within the frame. We chose a light damask pattern that matched our crock pot, cabinets, and containers. After we cut the paper, we placed the paper inside the frame. Finally, we added magnetic strips to the back so that it could be on the refrigerator-you can look whats cooking right before you start cooking! All you need to do now is add your menu!

Blog Post-Menu 2