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State parks do not always comprise natural features such as mountains, rivers, lakes, or forests, nor do they always involve outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, or boating. State parks include a variety of activities and environments including historic sites that preserve places of historic importance.

Chief Vann House

The Chief Vann House is a part of the Georgia State parks system, however, it maintains the house of a Cherokee named James Vann, who was both a Cherokee chief and a successful businessman with European colonists. The site primarily includes a small museum, a tour throughout the house, exploration of Chief Vann’s property, and a small nature trail. The house itself is a rather large, beautiful structure, demonstrating the family’s vast wealth and preserving a depiction of life in the late 1700’s. The house is well-preserved and includes sparse furnishings throughout, illustrating how the house may have looked, at least in part, when Chief Vann lived at the house. Throughout the museum and house tour visitors learn all about European and Native American relations, the Cherokee tribe, and specifically Chief Vann and his family. For those wanting to learn more about Native Americans, European and Native American relations, the Cherokees, or simply tour a historic structure, Chief Vann House makes for an excellent visit and allows you to get out of the city, experience a a little nature, and learn!

Chief Vann Inside

For those interested in Native Americans and relationships between Indians and European settlers, the Chief Vann House, Etowah Indian Mounds, and New Echota Historic Site are all within reasonable proximity to each other.

Chief Vann Property