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Although the Tin Drum is a chain, we want to include it for several reasons a) so we remember our experience b) to be all inclusive c) it is a Georgia chain and d) for visitors to the Atlanta area who have not been to Tin Drum. The Tin Drum is a fast food, Asian style cuisine restaurant, but unlike other fast food Asian cuisine restaurants, Tin Drum is less greasy and definitely uses fresher ingredients.

As you walk into the Tin Drum, you are greeted by bright colors, a minimalist vibe, a sleek atmosphere, and an ultra modern and chic atmosphere. The decor is reflective of the way Tin Drum is not your typical Asian-American style cuisine. We went to Tin Drum craving that greasy American Chinese food that you know is terrible for you, but absolutely delicious, and were surprised at the emphasis on fresh ingredients and made to order preparation. Due to our preconceived notion of what we would be expecting, we were a bit surprised when our food was much healthier tasting. We enjoyed our meals; however, we both agreed it was a bit overpriced. Also, when we go out to eat, we intend to get something we can’t make ourselves or make it taste the same way a professional can, and we both felt like the Tim Drum served us food we can make ourselves. In a lot of grocery stores now you can buy bagged flavors of “Asian” meat that come with sauces, such as orange chicken, Mandarin chicken, General Tso’s chicken, etc. We sometimes purchase these bags and add rice and fresh vegetables, such as peppers, green onions, or broccoli. Whenever we make these kinds of meals, we have a delicious meal at half the price of getting take out; however, it never tasted quite the same or as good. Tin Drum tastes just like our homemade versions of “Asian cuisine,” and, although it is good, it leaves out that feeling of excitement when you get something delicious at a restaurant and you feel like you have truly treated yourself to something extra special. Overall, we enjoyed our meal and thought the food was good. For us, a definite bonus of Tin Drum, and perhaps our favorite part, was the adorable bag that the take out food came in!

Tin Drum

*Please note we are aware that this perception of “Asian food” is an Americanized creation, and we are just using the terminology as it is widely associated in the United States. We realize that authentic Asian food is quite diverse and different.