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The Greek festival in Atlanta is fairly well-known and advertised quite a bit, but the Mid-East festival which happens only a short distance away at another Orthodox Church is going on around the same time with similar encounters, but much smaller crowds. The Mid-East festival is held at St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church and will be the weekend of September 19th and 20th this year. While visiting the Mid-East festival, visitors will have the chance to try new food, go on a church tour, visit the art market, watch dancing, see beautiful costumes, and hang out with friends while learning. For those who have attended a Greek festival, there is similar food and dancing, however, the Mid-East festival encompasses a larger range of cultures a part of this individual Orthodox Church. As previously mentioned, the Mid-East festival is also on a much smaller scale, allowing visitors the chance to relax, ask questions, and feel like the festival is more personalized. Although there are other visitors, it is also quite apparent that a lot of people there are simply members who partake in celebrating their diverse cultural backgrounds coming together due to their common practice of Orthodox Christianity. The Mid-East festival will provide visitors with a fun and delicious afternoon activity-we recommend a visit!

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