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A popular attraction in larger cities is often their zoo and each zoo is unique, having its own style, personality, and emphasis. Zoo Atlanta, although not the largest zoo, or even necessarily the biggest display in animals, definitely has quite a bit to offer. Along with the Cyclorama, Zoo Atlanta is located in Grant Park, just southeast of downtown Atlanta providing visitors with several nearby destinations.

Grant Park

Growing up Margaret’s family often would go on vacation and visit a zoo, or specifically select a location because there was a zoo there and a common element they began to observe of whether they liked a zoo or not was the layout. Zoos that have a good layout would often determine whether or not they really liked the zoo despite the animals or size, as the layout impacted the visit. Zoo Atlanta definitely was laid out well and provided visitors with a clear, concise route to take while also providing guests with a wide range of animals to see from various locations.

Zoo Atlanta-Animal

Besides the logical layout, the zoo had a wide selection of animals for visitors to see. Although there is little variance among species, there is varying species to see amongst themed sections of the zoo, including the African plains, African rainforest, Asian forest, monkeys, kids section, reptiles, and birds. Along with the specific sections of the zoo, there is also an area containing an array of various animals including, but not limited to, bears, tigers, and the zoo favorite, the giant panda. Pandas are rare, and only a few zoos in the United States even have them. Zoo Atlanta is home to not only giant pandas, but actually had two calves birthed in captivity, which is extremely rare. Overall, the zoo has a great selection of animals for visitors to see and provides them with a variety of locations to see the beautiful creatures.

Zoo Atlanta-Panda 2Zoo Atlanta-Panada

It takes about two to three hours to see the zoo in its entirety and can slightly vary depending on what additional attractions you venture to. It probably only took us a little more than 2 hours, however, we didn’t spend too much time in the kids zone, as there was both a very large birthday celebration for a child, and none of us were children. We also did not go to any shows, so for other visitors with children or interested in shows the time at the zoo may be extended.

Zoo Sign

Both the layout and the ideal viewing points for seeing the animals makes Zoo Atlanta the perfect little day trip or even tourist attraction. The zoo’s size gives a good duration of activity, without taking up the whole day or being overly strenuous. We had a tremendous day at Zoo Atlanta and experiencing all the creatures.