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On our quest to visit all of the breweries in the Atlanta area, we recently went to Max Lager’s, a combined brewery and restaurant. Max Lager’s is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta in a lovely, but not ostentatious, brick building. The interior is both tasteful and cozy, lending an upscale, but unpretentious atmosphere to the restaurant. The decor includes exposed brick, wood beams, and other industrial materials, but these are coupled with warm colors, a classy bar area, and enough tvs to catch the game, but few enough not to provide any distractions.

Max Lager’s menu includes classic American grill food-salads, steak, burgers, sandwiches, and a few other entrees. During our time there, they had a special, featuring an appetizer, entree, and dessert for a single price. We selected this option. Margaret had a salad as an appetizer, while Micah chose riblets. We both had the petite sirloin steak and had cookies and ice cream for dessert. Each of our meals was delicious and of better quality than typical brewery restaurant food.

Max Lager's

Since Max Lager’s is also a brewery, we, of course, also had to try their beer. We ordered a tasting flight with the six beers they had on tap, many of them light and refreshing for the summer. Most of the beers were classic styles, such as a kölsch, pilsner, and Belgian dubbel, but there were a couple that featured more adventurous takes on beers, such as the tropically delightful IPA Livin’s Easy. We enjoyed all of their beers, although our favorites were their IPAs-the Resurgens Rye DIPA, Hopsplosion!!! IPA, and the Livin’s Easy.

Max Lager's Beer

Max Lager’s has been one of our favorite restaurants in Atlanta. It features equal parts cozy, pub-style atmosphere and food along with a refined, elegant cuisine and ambience. Our food and beer were excellent, and we enjoyed our evening there.