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As a graduate student, as well as enjoying reading in and of itself, we have quite a few books and several bookshelves. Since we love traveling and nearly all things having to do with maps, we decided it would look nice to have globe bookends. It’s relatively easy to find globe bookends at some stores or online, but we decided to make them ourselves. We found antique-looking globes, about 5 inches in diameter, at our local craft store and used them as the inspiration and centerpiece for our own globe bookends.


2 small globes

a length of 1 x 4 wood, preferably oak or something similar






Since the globes were 5 inches in diameter, we decided to make the two sides of bookend about the same size as the globe. We cut the oak into two 6 inch pieces and 2 5 1/2 inch pieces. After sanding each of the pieces, we attached one of the 5 1/2 inch pieces to the 6 inch piece using two screws. Since we used oak, we drilled pilot holes before adding the screws. The result was an “L” shaped piece, with each leg measuring about 6 inches.

We stained the “L” shaped piece a dark brown to match other wood pieces in our home and to blend well with the antique-looking globes. After several coats of stain and polyurethane to protect the bookends, we attached the globes to the “L” shaped pieces. We drilled holes through each leg of the bookend into the globe and secured the globe using screws. After a few touch-ups, the bookends were finished. While it may have been less time-consuming to buy bookends, we enjoyed the time and effort it took to make the bookends and enjoy the rewards of our labors all the more every time we walk into our library.

Globe Bookends