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A perfect day trip from Atlanta is Athens, GA. We have been to Athens a few times, and each time we enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the charm of downtown Athens. This blog will highlight a few of our favorite spots in Athens including a couple restaurants, breweries, and an art museum.


-Clocked!: Downtown Athens is not only a party area for local college students, it also provides visitors and locals with a wide range of food choices. One of the places we visited that we enjoyed was Clocked!, a classic diner vibe with delicious food! The fries and burgers were fantastic and the atmosphere fun and whimsical. We definitely recommend a visit for a bite to eat.

-Copper Creek Brewery: For those who aren’t interested in a full beer tasting, but would like to try a beer or two with a bite to eat, Copper Creek Brewery is fitting. They have typical pub food and delicious beer. We personally recommend the Czech Pilsner-it was crisp and refreshing! The decor is cute and matches the theme with the entire ceiling being covered in copper kettles. Overall, we enjoyed the vibe, food, and beer. Copper Creek Brewery is a great place to to hang out, grab a bite to eat, and sip on some brews.




-Creature Comforts: A recent addition, but definitely not a small addition to the beer scene in Georgia is Creature Comforts. In fact, Creature Comforts has been making such a wave in the beer scene, that their beers are being nationally recognized. Their tasting room and brewery are in an old tire company, which lends an industrial vibe to the brewery not unusual in brewing companies. All of Creature Comforts’ beers were well-crafted. Their Tropicalia IPA is a delicious tropical treat, while their Athena Berliner weisse and Tritonia gose were perfect for the hot summer months-crisp, bright, and just a bit of sour for a thirst-quenching drink.

Creature Comforts 3 Creature Comforts 2

-Terrapin: Terrapin is one of Georgia’s most well-known breweries, and the brewery has a long list of beers they produce. Terrapin has a solid year-round and seasonal line-up of beers, but our favorite, and the reason for our visit to Terrapin, is their oatmeal stout Wake-N-Bake and the variants Terrapin makes of the style. We enjoyed the release of the Cinnamon Roll’d variant of the Wake-N-Bake on Terrapin’s large outdoor area, perfect for relaxing on a crisp fall afternoon. An additional bonus of Terrapin that we enjoy-their logo is an adorable turtle! TerrapinMuseum:

-Georgia Museum of Art: Although a college town can mean incessant party goers, a college also provides a community with a plethora of opportunities, including sports, the arts, and museums, often free of charge. The University of Georgia not only is home to an Insect Zoo, it also has a free art museum-the Georgia Museum of Art. The museum is rather large for a typical college museum and offers a wide range of European and American art, as well as housing a temporary collection of artwork focusing on Mexican labor. We found the size of the museum to be the ideal as we were able to see the entire museum in a couple hours, so we didn’t feel like we missed out, but the amount of art made it worth our visit

Athens-Art Museum 2

Athens-Art Museum

We prefer to go during the summer, as there are less college kids, making it a bit more quaint and relaxed. Athens provides visitors with various shops, restaurants, museums, historic homes tours, breweries, and history, all within a charming, small town setting.

Side Note: Athens is home to a small zoo, Bear Hollow Zoo, which houses primarily local Georgia wildlife and is free! Then just south of Athens is the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, which is also free, giving visitors several options of affordable activities for a perfect day trip!