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The name appears to be referencing a winery in Georgia; however, the winery is actually called Georgia Winery. Georgia Winery is located in Ringgold, GA, which is just south of Chattanooga and about two hours north of Atlanta. The location was ideal for meeting Micah’s parents who live in the Knoxville area. Georgia Winery is also situated just off of the interstate, making for not only a great meeting point between Atlanta and Knoxville, but also a nice place to stop off for travelers traversing up and down highway 75. Ringgold is near Fort Oglethorpe and the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Battlefield, which provides visitors with a large variety of restaurants and a place to get fresh air and walk around at the National Park Site. We are constantly looking for places to stop off at and get out of the car while also seeing something, and this stop provides that to those journeying on the highway connecting Michigan all the way to Florida.


Georgia Winery sticks out most in our minds for the adorable decor. Everything in the winery was centered around reusing corks, wine bottles, and wine barrels, as well as incorporating a rustic, but elegant wine theme throughout the winery. A massive glass table was made to contain hundreds of corks, the chairs were made from old wine barrels, the dish for snacks while tasting was a wine bottle cut in half, and the theme continued through each aspect of the winery, tying everything together. We definitely appreciated the subtle details put into the winery as it provided both charm and ambiance. Outside there were also shaded picnic tables that overlooked a lovely view of the small vineyard and even a woodchuck!

As for the wine, Georgia Winery provides a large variation of wines. The diversity in types gives visitors options depending on your personal preferences. As always, a wine tasting is a way to experience several different wines before settling on your bottle or bottles of choice. In general the wines were decent, but weren’t spectacular. We found the Ives Noir port to be a bit tasty and shared a bottle after the tasting, while taking in the views, company, and wine.