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Typically while we travel we try to provide ourselves with a mixture of tourist attractions and more local experiences, but our time in Salzburg, Austria was definitely centered around one primary tourist attraction: The Sound of Music. If you are looking for the ultimate local experience of Salzburg, this particular blog probably does not apply to you; however, tourism, linked partially to the Sound of Music tour, is the reason the city has grown and perhaps makes the Sound of Music tour a part of living in Salzburg. We are definitely not typically “tour” type people, particularly film related tour people, but the Sound of Music tour provided us with a great chance to not only experience the locations of one of Margaret’s favorite movies, but also allowed us to see a large portion of the city and the major attractions. Instead of mapping out our must see attractions, the tour provided us with both a tour of the city and history into both the movie and the city.

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If you love the Sound of Music, the tour will not disappoint. All the major locations are visited, and you also get to learn some background information on the particular scenes and the making of the film. We traversed all over the city and were able to see how many locations actually contributed to the film and how one location might actually compromise of several places. The entire day was full of songs, interesting trivia, and most of all the chance to see the beautiful buildings that make up Salzburg. The tour package we chose actually provided us with a cultural and historical tour prior to the actual Sound of Music tour that allowed us to learn more about Salzburg and the history of the city. We all found the informational tour prior to the Sound of Music tour to be our favorite part and was definitely a great experience.

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For those of you who remember the Sound of Music well, the Von Trapp family was able to escape due to the music festival being held in Salzburg. The city of Salzburg in reality is home to a world renowned music festival known as the Salzburger Festspiele, in English, the Salzburg Festival. The Salzburg Festival is held each summer and is known for both classical and modern music, dating back regularly to the 1920’s and more infrequently all the way to the late 1800’s. Music is at the heart of Salzburg. Besides the Salzburg Festival and the singing Von Trapp family, Salzburg is home to the famous classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Visitors can tour both Mozart’s birthplace and his residence to learn more about the man who created some of the most recognizable classical pieces in history.

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Although Salzburg is known for the the Sound of Music tour and it’s classical music scene, it is also known for its charm and beauty. The city is well-preserved and is one of the best examples of baroque architecture in Europe. Like most European cities, Salzburg has an Old Town district lined with historic buildings and oozing with character. When you meander down the streets of Salzburg in the old part of town, you see adorable little signs with pictures about each building to tell you precisely what is in each shop. The streets are perfect for meandering throughout and browsing.

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Amidst the many different shops, there are different churches located throughout the Old Town. Many of these mirror the baroque architecture of the other buildings in the Old Town. However, while church steeples tower above the shops, the Old Town is dominated by views of the castle rising above the city.

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Since it is Europe, everything is packed closely to one another and in only a few short hours you can see a variety of attractions. Nearby there are some beautiful churches that range in style and are each unique and quite beautiful. Salzburg is ideal for strolling about the quaint shops, churches, and historic streets. The entire setting is quite picturesque while being located on the river and is an excellent vacation destination. We stayed in a lodge a bit outside of Salzburg that provided us with incredible mountain views and a serene, relaxing Austrian vacation. Our time in Salzburg was full of history and classical European charm.

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