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One of the best places in Atlanta will make you feel like you have taken a plane trip to Vienna for a bit of kaffee and kuchen. Cafe Intermezzo has a few locations in Atlanta, however, we have only been to the location in Midtown, which definitely does not disappoint. The atmosphere of Cafe Intermezzo is sophisticated, refined, and classical. The cafe is dimly lit with dark wood paneling covering most of the walls. Large windows overlook the streets of Midtown, as well as the outdoor seating area, which felt exactly like sitting outside in Vienna watching the hustle and bustle go around. Images of European palaces and gardens are displayed on a screen above the bar. The seating is cozy and intimate, but can sometimes be a bit crowded and loud, probably the only negative feature of the otherwise delightful time spent at the cafe. Although Cafe Intermezzo has food options, the real treat is the delectable cakes and coffees. The cafe has a thick menu of drinks, but we always enjoy coffee of some sort in the Viennese tradition. Cafe Intermezzo’s coffees are well-made and are almost as tasty as the cakes-no mean feat. The cafe has a massive display of cakes that tantalize guests as they enter, and they taste as delicious as they look. Each guest is able to peruse all of the cakes on display, while a helpful waiter or waitress answers any questions the guest may have. Each cake is accompanied with a massive dollop of whip cream that is equally as scrumptious as the cake. Just like the cakes in Vienna cafes, Cafe Intermezzo’s are extremely rich, and we always end up saving half of our treats for the next day (and they are just as tasty). For those looking for an experience and not just a meal or dessert, Cafe Intermezzo is perfect.

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Side Note: Micah’s personal favorite is the chocolate mousse cake (called Black Magic), and Margaret’s the tiramisu. We definitely recommend both! Cafe Intermezzo 4 Cafe Intermezzo 3