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Micah’s parents recently came to Atlanta, and since Micah’s dad is such a college football fan (as well as Micah), we decided that it would be appropriate to take him to the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-a Fan Experience, especially since the next day was his birthday. The Hall of Fame is located just off of Centennial Olympic Park, so it is conveniently located for anyone wanting to catch several of Atlanta’s major attractions, such as the Georgia Aquarium or the Coke Museum.

The tickets to the Hall of Fame were a bit pricey at $20 per ticket, but they were certainly worth it. The tickets are actually modeled to look like an all-access pass, and you are given a lanyard with which to hang it around your neck. The tickets contain a chip inside that allows you to personalize your experience. Upon entering the Hall of Fame, you enter your name, email, and favorite team into a computer that also codes the information onto the chip in your ticket. The result is a very personalized experience-at each of the exhibits in the Hall of Fame, the kiosks and displays will pick up the information from your ticket, welcoming you by name and giving you instant access to to information relevant to your favorite team (although you can easily access other teams and players as well). There are also interactive games throughout the Hall of Fame that you can play. The results are saved to your ticket, and you can see how many of the games you have done at each of the kiosks. All of this information is saved to your ticket, and you can access it at home via an email the Hall of Fame sends you.

College Football Helmets

After entering your information into the computers, you are greeted by a three story wall of helmets from each college football team. The Hall of Fame recommends starting at the third floor, which houses the actual hall of fame. Computers in the hall allow you to access stats, photos, and videos of all the players and coaches in the hall.

College Football Hall of Fame

The second floor includes several exhibits, including an up close video of the college game day experience, displays on the history of the game, and several interactive games. For example, visitors are invited to sing their school’s fight song, record a spot from Sportscenter, and record their own call of a famous play.

Hall of Fame Sportscenter

The first floor contains a large playing field on which visitors can kick a field goal, catch a pass, and throw footballs. The first also includes a large gift shop.

Hall of Fame Field Goal

The Hall of Fame was a unique museum experience. Rather than featuring standard exhibits as found at most museums, the Hall of Fame is an experience. It allows you to look at items of interest to you and take part in the activities that you want to. It allows adults to loosen up a bit and have some fun while still learning about college football. All of the employees at the Hall of Fame were also friendly and eager to help visitors. Perhaps the best demonstration of how interesting the Hall of Fame is, however, is the fact that Micah’s mom, who is not a sports’ fan and was not really interested in going to the Hall of Fame, had a really fun time and enjoyed the Hall of Fame. If you have any interest in college football, the Hall of Fame is a great place to spend an afternoon, although we recommend going at a less busy time-the interactive experiences are not conducive to large crowds since there are limited numbers of computers.