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A recent surge in popularity for gifts and weddings is chalk boards, signs, labels, etc. Chalky crafts are definitely “in” to give things a personalized, sophisticated, and rustic feel. We decided to pick up some chalk paint & create our own chalky project. Recently we had broken the glass in a picture frame and decided to keep the frame even though we couldn’t use it anymore for a possible craft opportunity. A few weeks later we decided to give the chalk paint a chance and utilized our once broken photo frame to create our own little personal chalk board.

Items Needed:

Photo Frame Without Glass

Chalk Paint (Sold at Michael’s or similar stores)


If your instructions are different follow those directions on the chalk paint bottle, but this is based off of our instructions. We removed the cardboard back on the picture frame and directly applied the chalk paint to the cardboard, making this craft require very few additional items needed. Per the instructions with our chalk paint we painted one layer all in the same direction (either horizontally or vertically). We then let the coat sit for one hour and painted a second coat of chalk paint in the opposite direct as the first coat. We then let the paint dry for 24 hours. Afterwards we rubbed a light layer of chalk across the entire chalkboard and then took a wet cloth and rubbed off the layer of chalk. Afterwards our frame was ready to write our own personal message and hang it on the wall.

Chalk board

Side Note: We have also used the chalk paint to label our Reclaimed Canisters and the top of Newish Candles to personalize when we gave the candles as gifts.