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Located in Southern Georgia, Horse Creek Winery has two locations, both in Nashville, GA and Sparks, GA. On the way back to Atlanta we stopped off at the Sparks location, which was located right off of interstate 75. The location right off the highway makes for a great stopping point, and there is both a winery and a cafe, providing visitors with both a wine tasting and a bite to eat. The winery and decor reflect a relaxed, yet refined feeling, making it an ideal location for a quick stop or a nice, sit down meal and drinks.

Horse Creek Winery offers a wide range of of wines, including reds and whites, as well as dry and sweet wines. Many of their wines feature their own Muscadine grapes, but they also have several fruited wines and red wines using grapes from California. We sampled several of their reds, along with a couple of their sweeter wines. We thoroughly enjoyed Horse Creek’s wines and found their Red Barn Red to be our favorite.

Horse Creek Winery

With it’s ideal location right off the interstate, Horse Creek is a great place to stop while on the way to Florida or while coming back.