We had some chicken breast in the fridge, but little else in the house, so we came up with this recipe using a few odd things we had laying around. After a bit of trouble crushing the walnuts, the recipe worked well, and the chicken was delicious!


Chicken breast

Olive Oil




First, crush walnuts as finely as you can. Then, beat the chicken to flatten it to the thickness of 1/2-1 inch. Cover the chicken with olive oil, and then cover it with the walnut crumbs-the smaller the walnut pieces, the better. Rub rosemary on the outside of the chicken, and then place on the grill or skillet. After the chicken is done, add mango chunks to the top (or put on the side) for a sweet, chilling, juicy flavor. The combination with the chicken makes for a real treat for your taste buds!Walnut Crusted Chicken