Sometimes we come up with recipes while grocery shopping. Other times we may find a recipe but decide to tweak it and add our own touches and favorite flavors to it. Then sometimes we have an item in the house and don’t know what to do with it. Finally, there are times where we really need to use it up and we have exhausted our favorite recipes-this was how this recipe was formed.

Attempting to constantly branch out and try combinations of foods, we decided to grab some green onions to throw in recipes for flavor. Unfortunately green onions do not seem to last a long time and it appears only a few days have gone by before we find ourselves quickly in desperate need to use up food. We also are constantly struggling with trying to find fast and easy recipes to make when we get home from work to ensure we don’t eat to late or spend our whole night in the kitchen. This recipe definitely allowed us to use up our green onions, try a new recipe, and turned basic rice into a delicious meal.



Green Onions

Celery salt

This recipe is super easy, but we absolutely loved it. Simply prepare the desired amount of rice, and then once you have drained the rice, add chopped up green onions and celery salt. We used four stalks of green onions and several dashes of celery salt. We probably used around a teaspoon, but maybe a little more, maybe a little less since we sprinkled it in until we liked the taste. Celery salt goes a long way so you don’t need very much. Part of the reason this recipe was so enjoyable was not just the taste, but the texture. The green onions had a texture similar to celery, making the two naturally compliment one another. We also placed the green onions in fresh, making the rice have a slight crunch and fresh taste to it. The three simple ingredients blended together created a super easy and flavorful meal.

Flavorful Rice