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We are both avid coffee drinkers, and over time we have accumulated quite a collection of canisters. Whenever we use something on a regular basis that we have to place in the garbage, or preferably recycling, we try to come up with clever ways to reuse the item. Since the canisters are a decent size and can hold quite a bit we decided to reuse our growing coffee canister collection to help organize-both in the kitchen and craft closet. Using old coffee canisters we created a cute addition to our home to help store items, and they are labeled for a quick find!

Items Needed:

Empty Coffee Canister

Double sided tape

Wrapping Paper (any pattern you like!)


Masking tape

Chalk paint

Taking your empty canister, cut a piece of wrapping paper to cover the entire surface of the canister. Next place double sided tape on the back side of the wrapping paper in several places to ensure it sticks fully. After you will roll the paper around the canister to cover it and give it a fresh look. You can use other self-adhesives to stick the wrapping paper to the can, however, we recommend using the double sided tape. Initially we attempted to use adhesive spray and found it difficult to work with as the paper could not be moved at all to ensure it is properly lined up and made the paper wrinkle. Afterwards, determine where you would like to place your chalk label and put masking tape on the location. Once the masking tape is in the place you would like to paint, paint over the masking tape with the chalk board paint. Follow the directions your individual chalk paint advises as it may be different than the one we use. Finally, label your canister with whatever item it is holding. We have used our canister for items such as pens and pencils in the craft closet and then beans, pasta, and candy for the kitchen. Using the same wrapping paper that matches our cabinet interiors (as well as our crock pot), it helps to bring the kitchen together and provide adorable storage, labeled for convenience! This craft was super easy and a great addition to our home.