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One of the more recent additions to the Atlanta brewing scene is Orpheus Brewing, located near Piedmont Park in Midtown. They offer several different types of beers, but specialize in saisons and sours. We had heard quite a bit of buzz surrounding this brewery and decided to pay a visit shortly after they opened.

The brewery was on the opposite side of a building, so it took a couple minutes to find. There is very little outside space, which is unfortunate since the views are nice, especially of the Midtown skyline. Once inside, the large tasting room is rather starkly painted white, although there is a wall of windows looking over the brewery. Like the other breweries in Atlanta, we had to pay $10 for a tasting glass and tickets to taste beer, although the brewery made clear that you could get a plastic cup with tickets for free-a nice gesture. Unlike many of the breweries in Atlanta, however, Orpheus had several of their beers on tap, so we were able to sample most of their line-up.

For those who enjoy themes, Orpheus’s beer borrows many of its beer names (as well as the brewery name) from Greek mythology. Their two main year-round beers are Atalanta, a plum saison with some sourness, and Lyric Ale, a French saison. These were both solid beers, but not spectacular. We were also able to try some of their other sours, which we also agreed were decent beers. Our favorite beers, however, were their IPA, Life.Death.Life.Truth, and their double IPA, Transmigration of Souls. Both of these beers we thought were well done.

Overall, Orpheus was a pleasant brewery. They had solid beers, especially compared to some of the other breweries in Atlanta, but they still weren’t the home run brewery that Atlanta lacks. In addition, the interior of the brewery, because it was just a white room, lacked the intimacy that some other breweries have. That being said, Orpheus is worth checking out whether you’re new to the craft beer scene or an aficionado.