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It may be obvious by now, but we love traveling and trying new things. We love going to unique places, exploring, and just enjoying the diversity of the world we live in. Initially we started this blog as a way to compile our adventures together. Whether it was our little adventures at home in crafting, decorating, and cooking or bigger journeys such as exploring our current city, the surrounding area, or even new cities and countries, we wanted a way to reflect on each adventure to compile a unique journal experience of our life together. The blog has helped us to create a distinctive memory of each place or activity, but we love categorizing and organizing so we always are coming up with new ways to do precisely that. One of our favorite ways to explore is to visit new countries and we decided to create a map that demonstrates everywhere we have gone together.

Items Needed:

Cork board (We got ours at Michael’s)

Map of the world (Office depot)

Push pins


Binder clips

Taking a map of the world we placed it on top of the cork board and wrapped it around the edges. If needed you may have to cut the cork board down to be able to wrap the map around the cork. Next we used extra small staples so they weren’t as obvious and placed them around the cork board to attach the map to to the cork board. We attached binder clips to the top to hang up the board. You could always put a border around the map, but we liked to have it look like a work in progress. After we placed pins in each of the countries we had gone to together. It hangs in our hall and is a reminder of all the adventures we have had together and it both encourages us and helps us to plan future explorations together.

CorkMap2 CorkMap1