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Recently we wrote a blog, Newish Candles that went over a way we have utilized leftover wax to create new candles. Taking similar techniques, we put a new spin on our candles by adding flowers for an additional touch to our own homemade candles.

Items Needed:

Wax (you can use either old leftover wax or new wax)

Mason Jar


Pressed Flowers

The directions start the same as the Newish Candles:

None of these items are specialty items and were things we just had around the house. For the wax, we simply used leftover wax, then empty mason jars, and basic twine. Place a jar filled halfway with wax into a pot filled partially with water. Having the jar in the pot of water helps to avoid ruining your cooking pots, plus all the wax is contained in the jar already-no need for hot spills! Place the pot over the stove at a medium temperature. While the wax begins to melt, you can make your own simple wick. Taking several pieces of twine, measure the length you need and then add additional length to give you room to braid and secure it once placed in the wax. Take three strands of twine and braid them together, then tie a knot on each side with extra string on one end. As the wax begins to melt, continue to add pieces of leftover wax until you get it at the candle height you desire in the jar. Place the wick into the melted wax. You can make sure it stays upright and centered by twisting it around a pen or pencil and resting it on top of the jar.

Once the wax is at the height you would like, you can add the pressed flowers around the sides of the candle. We struggled with getting them to remain on the side, but in some places the flowers were very clear even while hardened. After adding the pressed flowers (or greenery if you would like) simply allow the candle to harden. You will be left with a new candle with an elegant, natural touch. As it burns the flowers will emerge.

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