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We both definitely enjoy going to sporting events and were excited to attend our very first NBA game. St. Louis does not have a team so growing up the main focus was always Mizzou basketball, but unlike St. Louis, Atlanta is home to the NBA team-the Hawks. Ironically, the Hawks were originally from St. Louis, so this event was the perfect combination of our St. Louis love with our current Atlanta home together. The Hawks play at Philips Arena, which is located in downtown Atlanta, and it’s location right off the Marta makes for easy travel. To avoid traffic you can simply park your car at the nearest Marta rail station and hop on. If you are unfamiliar with the Marta system you can purchase a Breeze Card, and then refill it so that you can add trips to the card and simply swipe it. One of the stops is the Philips Arena, and the entrance of the Marta station literally opens up right in front of the Arena doors making the Marta rail an easy way to travel to the game. If you want to drive there are parking spots, but we personally avoid downtown Atlanta traffic at all costs.

Upon arrival we both were pleasantly surprised at how nice the Philips Arena actually was and definitely enjoyed the comfy seats even up in the nosebleeds. Not to mention, tickers were fairly cheap. Of course a cheap ticket is reflective of your seats location, but even our $15 tickets had a decent view. For those who are not that into sports, there are different activities throughout the evening to keep you entertained, including different dances, parachuting cows (thank you Chik-fil-a for creativity), variations of shoot outs, videos, and, when we were there, a beer tasting competition, as well as varying promotions on different games. The best part of the whole evening may have been the parody of Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” though where two girls sang about proper conduct at the game and the Hawk mascot bursts through a wall on a wrecking ball. So if you just want to go out with friends, the Hawks game might be ideal even if you are not too in to basketball, or even sports.


The game itself made for an evening of fun, sports, and another Atlanta adventure. Although the Hawks are actually playing really well this year, we came on an off night apparently, because even though they won (barely), the basketball playing was a bit all over the place. In general, the Hawks are pretty decent, so a game could make for a fun night and a higher chance of winning. The game only lasted a little less then 2 1/2 hours so make sure you get there on time and you can go ahead and stay until the end. There was plenty of dunking and swooshing, so enjoy the crowd going wild each time. Accompanied throughout the evening is an organ, which we both found fun and helps to reflect the plays. Overall, even with the sometimes sloppy playing of the evening, we both really enjoyed the game and decided that maybe the Hawks will be our NBA team to root for (especially with their St. Louis roots). So if you want to just grab a group of friends together to hang out, have a fun evening, and watch sports, the Hawks game should be a great time.