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Often when we burn candles we run into the issue of there being more wax than there is wick, and we are left with an excess of wax. This is obviously a reflection on the wicks and the grade of candles, but that doesn’t fix the issue. We decided to play around with wax and wicks to create a refurbished candle.

Items Needed:

Leftover Wax

Mason Jar


None of these items are specialty items and were things we just had around the house. For the wax, we simply used leftover wax, then empty mason jars, and basic twine. Place a jar filled halfway with wax into a pot filled partially with water. Having the jar in the pot of water helps to avoid ruining your cooking pots, plus all the wax is contained in the jar already-no need for hot spills! Place the pot over the stove at a medium temperature. While the wax begins to melt, you can make your own simple wick. Taking several pieces of twine, measure the length you need and then add additional length to give you room to braid and secure it once placed in the wax. Take three strands of twine and braid them together, then tie a knot on each side with extra string on one end. As the wax begins to melt, continue to add pieces of leftover wax until you get it at the candle height you desire in the jar. Place the wick into the melted wax. You can make sure it stays upright and centered by twisting it around a pen or pencil and resting it on top of the jar. Once the wax is at the height you would like, turn off the water and let the wax sit until hardened.

After a couple hours the wax will be hard and you have a new candle! The candle smells will continue on into the second candle. Thus far we have really enjoyed our “new” candles and we have saved on going out and purchasing new candles when we had perfectly good wax just waiting to be reused.