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Every week we buy carrots at Aldi’s because they are cheap and easy to throw in a meal on the go. If our week ends up being less hectic then we have a full bag of baby carrots that still needs to be eaten. We also have been trying to eat more vegetables in general and incorporating them into our meals, so we have been mixing various things in the kitchen simply to use up food and try something new. Margaret loves to have a crunch in our meals, but unfortunately our attempts at chips (potato, apple, and carrot) never turn out as crunchy as we planned, so baked “healthy snacks” have become more common. Usually when we are trying a new recipe Margaret will just skim over numerous recipes and then decide one sounds good and then concocts her own recipe-so we never know how well it will turn out. Recently we had leftover carrots, a large honey bear, and spices, so we tried putting them together! The recipe ended up being quite delicious and even better the next day as leftovers.

Items Needed:

Carrots (we always buy baby to put into lunches or pack for trips quickly)



Parsley (or any other spice of your choosing)

For those who like to follow recipes, this recipe is probably not for you and will aggravate you, but if you like to simply throw things together and try something new, this will be a fun little snack or side for your meal. We simply placed carrots into a bowl and mixed in olive oil slowly until all the carrots appeared to be coated. Next we threw a dash of pepper, and parsley flakes in. Finally, we drizzled a little honey on top, and mixed together until it appeared all the carrots were glazed in honey. Next we threw them into the oven on 425 degrees for 25 to 30 min. You can bake them a little longer or shorter, depending on your personal preferences.

Glazed carrots

The recipe itself takes more then 5 minutes, but it only takes 5 minutes to prepare before throwing everything into the oven. This is a very easy addition to any meal. We had it with garlic pasta and absolutely loved our salty sweet dinner. Plus the leftovers were fantastic!