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As our Atlanta explorations continue, we are trying to be creative and seek out all the places that are distinctively Atlanta in an attempt to fully experience the city. While we search for new activities, events, and places here in Atlanta, we are trying not to limit ourselves to just our main interests, but find new places or even events that are unique, and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (ACAC) would definitely qualify. Although we both enjoy visiting art and art museums, exhibits, shows, etc. we tend to gravitate away from contemporary artwork, but since our goal is to visit all major attractions in Atlanta and the State of Georgia, the ACAC made it on our list.

Being from St. Louis, we are used to museums and other tourist attractions being free, so being in Atlanta has been a bit of a transition. Having to plan ahead and budget to visit an attraction, such as the zoo, requires so much more work than simply wondering where to park. Upon first moving here it seemed impossible to find places to go that were free or at least were not overly expensive, but over time we have begun to find a few places that provide coupons, offer discount days, or even have free days! Another thing we have discovered is that for Bank of America card holders, there are free entry days into museums throughout the country on the first full weekend of the month, which will definitely allow us to visit more museums in the future. So even though exploring Atlanta might require a little bit more research, there are options for discounts or even free entry.

On Thursdays, the ACAC has free admission, so for those on a budget, venturing in the modern art world, or saving up for a trip-Thursdays are a great night to explore this Atlanta attraction. Since contemporary art isn’t a huge interest for us, we both were very grateful that the museum offered this opportunity to come experience the museum, because otherwise ACAC would probably have been pretty low on our “to visit list” and we may have never made it there (there is just too much to explore all the time). Following work we drove to ACAC, which is located in Southern Atlanta right next to Georgia Tech, as well as some great restaurants and cafes. Once arriving we were the only people there for quite some time, letting us explore the museum all on our own. The museum is not very large and we were able to look at all the pieces in show, as well as read about them and discuss them with one another over the course of a little less than a hour. The museum consisted of several open rooms, that were all connected, with only a few pieces of art in each room. Throughout the rooms there were some rather distinct and unusual pieces for visitors to look at and interpret. While we visited the exhibition was titled Teen Paranormal Romance and was quite unlike any modern art we had previously seen, providing us with an interesting evening. For both of us, ACAC is not necessarily within the realm of our usual art style, but it was definitely an interesting new place to check out in Atlanta.


Those who enjoy more modern artwork-Atlanta Contemporary Art Center will not disappoint as the artwork is definitely unique-so enjoy! Visitors or art lovers who tend to steer away from contemporary art maybe just check out ACAC on a free Thursday like we did to simply experience something new and then grab a bite to eat from the one of the fantastic nearby restaurants. And so the Atlanta adventures continue!